Northstate Public Radio is available to more than 600,000 Northern California listeners in an area the size of Ohio (SEE MAP). Underwriting on Northstate Public Radio is a proven way to distinguish your business or organization. Our on-air acknowledgements effectively inform listeners -- many of whom are difficult to reach via other media -- about your business, organization or event.

80% of public radio listeners hold a more positive image of companies that support public radio.*

70% say that a company's support of public radio has a positive influence on their decision to purchase that company's products or services.*


Unlike commercial advertising your underwriting message doesn't need to compete in a cluttered environment -- it stands out and is heard.

Active Listeners...
Northstate Public Radio listeners don't just listen -- they get involved. They are leaders in their communities. They're decision makers -- people on whom your message will have impact.

Quality Audience...
Northstate Public Radio listeners are generally well-educated and affluent. Some distinguishing characteristics of the public radio audience, compared to average U.S. adults, are:

120% more college graduates**
124% more listeners with annual incomes of $50,000 or more**
Twice the number of professionals and managers**
88% more likely to be active in local civic issues**

* Source: A Comprehensive Analysis of Public Radio Listeners, Liebold & Assoc., Inc., Annapolis, MD.

** Source: Simmons Market Research Bureau Study of Media and Markets.

For more information about underwriting programming on Northstate Public Radio, please phone Catlin Wulferdingen at 530-898-5246 or send an email to