Public Service Announcement Guidelines

As a service to our community of listeners, Northstate Public Radio provides free on-air announcements about events, meetings, seminars, entertainment and arts activities. Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) are considered on a first-come, first-served, and space-available basis. PSA Requests are processed by our staff and volunteers; we request that you allow at least two weeks advance notice for us to consider, prepare and present PSA’s. Preference will be given to not-for-profit and arts activities within our broadcast area. While we will consider all submissions, we reserve the right to reject any announcements. While we will determine the final wording, we will make every effort to include the information you provide. As such, the following guidelines should be followed closely.

  • Include all the pertinent information: Who, What, When, Where, Why.
  • If applicable, specify any not-for-profit organizations involved with the event.
  • If appropriate, include phonetic pronunciations, particularly with place names or personal names.
  • Use complete sentences (not just a list of details). Short, simple sentences are best.
  • End your submission with concise contact information – such as a phone number, website or email address – where listeners can get additional information. This information should be easily read and remembered; do not provide several names and numbers, or complex website URLs. We will not announce PSA’s that are unaccompanied by a contact phone number.
  • The total length should not exceed 15 seconds.
  • You may include Additional Information (not to be read on the air) that we may provide listeners who call us for more information.

The following elements CANNOT be included in PSA’s:

  • Prices.
  • Editorial Comments.
  • Claims or Comparisons (e.g., “the best”).
  • Calls to Action (e.g., “come on down”).
  • Political Content (including political or candidate fundraisers).