Radio vs. Other Media in North Carolina

Though there is a considerable radio audience in North Carolina, there are also many other media as well, which are being utilized by the general masses for entertainment purposes. These other media are posing a serious threat to radio stations as a great number of people are switching to them instead of sticking to radio stations. In this article we will share with you some of these other media.

The Other Media

There is a long list as far as other media are concerned. So, here we will stick to some of the major ones. The media are discussed in relation to North Carolina in the headings below.


“Magazines are an important source of media nowadays.”

Magazines are an important source of media nowadays. And if you are fond of reading then magazines can really get you entertained for a while. In North Carolina people have many magazines at their disposal. The beauty of magazines lies in the fact that they feature a wide variety of subjects. A good number of people have switched to magazines from radios. There are many well known magazines in North Carolina that are being read by the masses. These magazines are discussed below.

Alter Ego

Alter Ego is a magazine that is tailor-made for kids. The magazine was founded by Jerry Bails back in 1961. It is published every month and is a source of genuine entertainment for kids.


Hemisphere is also a renowned magazine that covers various aspects such as culture, business, travel and fashion. The current headquarters of Hemisphere is in New York.

Philanthropy Journal

It is more of an online magazine that is renowned for delivering news, opinion pieces and resources on matters that are primarily related to non-profit organizations. The magazine is also highly regarded for its coverage of research, trends and resources that are linked to non-profit organizations.

“The invention of television has had a great impact on the radio industry.”


The invention of television has had a great impact on the radio industry. It was natural for people to switch to something that showed live pictures, rather than sticking to something on which one could only hear a voice. There are various television stations operating in North Carolina today. Some of these popular television stations are as follows-

Spectrum News North Carolina

Spectrum is a well-known television channel in North Carolina which is owned by Charter Communications. The channel focuses more on news coverage and most of the news covered by it are related to the North Carolina region. The headquarters of spectrum lies in Atlantic Avenue.


UNC-TV is a television network that is very much public in nature. UNC-TV is operated by the management of University of North Carolina System. The famous North Carolina-themed programs of the station include names like North Carolina Now, Exploring North Carolina and Carolina Bookwatch.


“Most people find that their mornings are incomplete unless they read a newspaper.”

Newspapers have always been serious competitors to radios and despite all the improvement in technology the importance of the printing press has not yet declined. Most people find that their mornings are incomplete unless they read a newspaper, whether a hard copy or online. Some renowned newspapers of North Carolina are-

The Alleghany News

This newspaper is published in Sparta and is owned by a local company by the name of Alleghany Holdings, LLC. The newspaper covers all aspects from hardcore news to sports. A considerable number of people in North Carolina prefer The Alleghany News to other local newspapers.

Asheville Daily Planet

It is an independent newspaper that is published from Asheville. The newspaper is named after the Daily Planet,which is a fictional newspaper in the famous Superman series. Though the name says ‘daily’, the Asheville Daily Planet is not a daily newspaper at all. It is rather published weekly.

Graham Star

Graham star is also a weekly newspaper that has its origin in Robbinsville. The editor of the paper is Editor James Budd. A quite distinguished gentleman he has received the North Carolina Press Association award for his wonderful columns published in 2007.

With different communication mediums rising every passing day we have yet to see how the humble radio will survive into the future. There is no doubt that it has been affected, but by how much? This only the future can decide. The radio is without doubt one of the oldest media sources in the world and is still in use by many people. Is it time to sing its dirge? Or to hail it as the premier and one of the oldest means of communication and entertainment? Only time can tell.