Radio broadcasting in North Carolina has been able to grow in terms of its programming touching the lives of people residing here. The evolution of this business has had great impacts on the social and economic life of people in North Carolina.

Below are the hippest Radio Stations in North Carolina and why they are loved by all.

Cum4K World ReleaseVideo – Cum4K

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This radio station broadcasts local and global News to keep you updated with what is happening around the world. It is owned by Cumulus Media. This radio station mainly covers topical issues featuring interviews from prominent guests.

It is loved by people since its interaction allows people to participate in conversations through calling in the show and giving their opinions. Shows here are divided into different sections separated by entertaining adverts.


This radio station has an interesting slogan that makes people identify with it. It is the station that listens to you. It covers a variety of the latest music from all genres. This is the radio station that lets you learn that new song that has just been released.

You also get the chance to listen to one of the oldest songs that are no longer played in other radio stations. It plays Classic Country and adult contemporary formats. It also covers talks and sports from an international level.

WADE 1340 AM

This radio station is owned by the New Life Community. It is known as the All Gospel station to connect you with the Gospel all the time. It is loved for its contemporary gospel music that shows personal belief for Christianity. Here, you will listen to one of the best Gospel musicians such as Nicole C Mullen.

By following trends of secular music, the station keeps its listeners entertained. It also includes summons from the best recognized preachers such as Joyce Meyer. By tuning in to this station, you feel like you are actually in a church service from the comfort of your home.


This radio station is popular among college students. It is actually run by college students themselves. It includes programmers from both the students and the wider community to train students interested in broadcast journalism. This radio station is regulated by the national government.

It plays college rock format to entertain youngsters. It includes different genres such as hip hop, punk and idle rock. This radio station also promotes new upcoming artists to help them find career in music.

It also has news segments known as APP 1800 that talk about issues affecting people locally. The success of this radio station is evident through awards it has won such as the College Radio Woodie Award in 2012.

WAGY 1320 AM

This is radio station licensed by Forest City. It is loved for its variety of Country Music. This station takes you back to the early 1940s when folk music and blues were worshipped. This station is loved by the aged as they are able to feel that they are still appreciated even as music keeps on growing.

AFR 91.9 FM

This is an inspirational station that broadcasts Christian programs suitable for the whole family teaching on Christian values. It also plays lots of Gospel Music that touches people’s souls. This station aims at keeping the Gospel in the airwaves therefore attracting all and sundry.

WATA 1450 AM

Owned by Curtis Media, this radio station is loved for its ability to provide all the latest topical issues at all times. This talk radio lets people become part of the discussion by screening telephone calls paying attention to interests of the audience.

This radio station airs commercials to draw advertisers. It also includes conversation talks, hot talk, sports talk and progressive talk. Shows such as Roten Morning are popular to many from this station.


Based in Rockingham, this radio station is loved for its variety of adult contemporary music. It is famous for playing both soft rock music as well as ballad heavy music common today. Its soothing polished quality of music attracts listeners.

Tuning in to this station also gives you a chance to listen in to your favorite fox sports as well as Football and basketball games from North Carolina. This station broadcasts from 6 am to 10 pm at night.