The List Of The Best Sports Radios In North Carolina

If you are the fan of adrenaline on fields but bugged up with trying to make a living, then one of the best ways to catch up on sports is to listen to radio. North Carolina has a variety of stations that work to satisfy sports enthusiasts.

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Operated by Capitol Broadcasting Company, WCMC-FM is one of the favourites among the citizens of Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s even reached the brink of winning Sports Station of the Year. They specialize in broadcasting weekly football, especially Carolina Panthers, as well as basketball matches for NC State Wolfpack.


Licensed to Durham, WDNC is another venture supported by Capitol Broadcasting Company. They give fresh news about games played by Duke Blue Devils and are always trustworthy to dish hot information on the Charlotte Hornets. Voices of many such as Jim Sackett, Woody Woodhouse, Kevin ‘K-Mac’ McClendon etc became famous on-air. It started its tremulous journey in 1934 and since then has come a long way on being well-known.


WFNZ was started in Charlotte, North Carolina by Entercom. Local sports news is fed to the public on weekdays from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. and the rest of the time they feature from CBS Sports Radio. This station loves to especially talk about Charlotte Hornets Basketball team. It gained recognition because of the treasure hunt conducted by one of the famous personalities on air. Jack Armstrong, Dick Blanchard, Jay Thomas are some of the names that skyrocketed the station’s fame.


Broadcasting to Winston-Salem and Greensboro area of North Carolina, WSJS is operated by Curtis Media Group. The two popular shows are hosted by Dan Patrick and David Glenn who have become names that household favourites. Josh Graham, a local host, has also impressed many listeners, making WSJS worth tuning because of his show The Drive with Josh Graham. The station has been alive for the past fifty years and that experience is seen as their staff works tirelessly to show.


Owned by Curtis Media Group, WPTK is another successful venture in broadcasting sports. This operates in the Research Triangle with Durham and Chapel Hill, area of North Carolina. The radio station claims to be “Just Right Radio” and since 1947 has proved the statement true. Even though majorly this station focuses on music, there are a few sports talk shows as well. However, the majority of the broadcasts on East Carolina University Pirates football matches has been shifted to its sister station WFNL. Previously they also used to feature Carolina Mudcats and Charlotte Bobcats games where the popularity of the station picked its pace.

Whether you are driving to work, on a break in office or just home after a hard day, radio won’t fail to rejuvenate you. Don’t let the passion for sports slip out as many stations in North Carolina work hard to give you news at the doorstep. All you got to do is turn the knobs, sit back and listen!

The Basics - What You Need To Set Up A Digital Radio Station In North Carolina

Is setting up a digital radio station your longstanding dream but you don’t know how to go about it?

If yes, this post is for you.

Read on to know about the basic things you have to do to have your own digital radio station in North Carolina.

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Step 1

Equipment You Will Need

Some fundamental tools you need for the digital station include a computer with a good internet connection and the content you want to broadcast such as talk shows (pre-recorded) or music.

A top quality microphone and a professional program for digital recording are other essentials you will need if you want to broadcast sports shows or introduce comments between tunes or talk radio.

Step 2

Find A Service Provider

Once you have the necessary basic equipment ready, the next step is to find the right service provider. A provider for stream hosting is necessary for establishing a platform on which you can upload all your automated playlists. Live broadcasting is also best done via a service provider using encoder like Altacast.

Finding a suitable provider that meets all your basic needs is a difficult but doable process. You need to put in some effort to research the various features offered by the providers and choose a provider that meets your requirements fully.

Step 3

Use A Streaming Source

Apps like Winamp for playing music and Edcast for streaming and Icecast 2 for serving the broadcasting are needed. The pairing of Edcast and Icecast2 is easy to configure for the different radio server types and the audio formats.

If you are thinking of broadcasting in MP3 style, which is compatible with older players, download special.DLL file in zipped form, unzip it and add lame_enc.dll in the root directory of Winamp present under Drive C.

Step 4

Source App Configuration

When the streaming source is ready, set Edcast plug-in to use your Winamp playlist or microphone jack. You can disable or enable microphone by clicking on the mic icon.  If you have disabled the mic, use Winamp for input. This can be checked by activating the app by clicking on the sound level meter and playing music via Winamp. By toggling the microphone on and off, you can verify whether the input radio is working or not.

Step 5

Once You Have The Basic Setup Ready Here Are A Few Things To Consider

Use ads for making money - The money you have to pay for the provider can be reduced by playing commercial ads on your digital station. If you want to run ads of your own or do not want ads, you have to find a provider who can work under these conditions.

Total listening hours - The time for listening provided by the service provider varies based on the plan you have chosen from your service provider.

Automated/live broadcasting - Whether you do not want to have live broadcasting and prefer setting up your playlist and make it automated, or want live broadcasting or a blend of both, ensure the service provider offers such help.

Licensing - This is very important as the regulations differ from one country to another and within the states too. So check for the North Carolina regulations you have to satisfy for the smooth running of your radio station. For USA audience, using radio licensing organisations like ASCAP, BMI and Sound Exchange is a good option. When you have the basics in place, you will be able to have a good start, and as you increase your listener count, you can make further additions and enhancements to make your radio station popular.

The Hippest Radio Stations In All Of North Carolina

Radio broadcasting in North Carolina has been able to grow in terms of its programming touching the lives of people residing here. The evolution of this business has had great impacts on the social and economic life of people in North Carolina.

Below are the hippest Radio Stations in North Carolina and why they are loved by all.

Cum4K World ReleaseVideo - Cum4K

Before we start with the usual stations, you should know the newest release in the digital video world. Ladies and gentlemen - Cum 4K is here. We've been waiting for this magical day to happen. The series that's going to turn things upside down in the world of adult entertainment. Controversial genre and the latest technology - what could possibly go wrong? Nothing! The popularity of Cum4K is already huge.



This radio station broadcasts local and global News to keep you updated with what is happening around the world. It is owned by Cumulus Media. This radio station mainly covers topical issues featuring interviews from prominent guests.

It is loved by people since its interaction allows people to participate in conversations through calling in the show and giving their opinions. Shows here are divided into different sections separated by entertaining adverts.


This radio station has an interesting slogan that makes people identify with it. It is the station that listens to you. It covers a variety of the latest music from all genres. This is the radio station that lets you learn that new song that has just been released.

You also get the chance to listen to one of the oldest songs that are no longer played in other radio stations. It plays Classic Country and adult contemporary formats. It also covers talks and sports from an international level.

WADE 1340 AM

This radio station is owned by the New Life Community. It is known as the All Gospel station to connect you with the Gospel all the time. It is loved for its contemporary gospel music that shows personal belief for Christianity. Here, you will listen to one of the best Gospel musicians such as Nicole C Mullen.

By following trends of secular music, the station keeps its listeners entertained. It also includes summons from the best recognized preachers such as Joyce Meyer. By tuning in to this station, you feel like you are actually in a church service from the comfort of your home.


This radio station is popular among college students. It is actually run by college students themselves. It includes programmers from both the students and the wider community to train students interested in broadcast journalism. This radio station is regulated by the national government.

It plays college rock format to entertain youngsters. It includes different genres such as hip hop, punk and idle rock. This radio station also promotes new upcoming artists to help them find career in music.

It also has news segments known as APP 1800 that talk about issues affecting people locally. The success of this radio station is evident through awards it has won such as the College Radio Woodie Award in 2012.

WAGY 1320 AM

This is radio station licensed by Forest City. It is loved for its variety of Country Music. This station takes you back to the early 1940s when folk music and blues were worshipped. This station is loved by the aged as they are able to feel that they are still appreciated even as music keeps on growing.

AFR 91.9 FM

This is an inspirational station that broadcasts Christian programs suitable for the whole family teaching on Christian values. It also plays lots of Gospel Music that touches people’s souls. This station aims at keeping the Gospel in the airwaves therefore attracting all and sundry.

WATA 1450 AM

Owned by Curtis Media, this radio station is loved for its ability to provide all the latest topical issues at all times. This talk radio lets people become part of the discussion by screening telephone calls paying attention to interests of the audience.

This radio station airs commercials to draw advertisers. It also includes conversation talks, hot talk, sports talk and progressive talk. Shows such as Roten Morning are popular to many from this station.


Based in Rockingham, this radio station is loved for its variety of adult contemporary music. It is famous for playing both soft rock music as well as ballad heavy music common today. Its soothing polished quality of music attracts listeners.

Tuning in to this station also gives you a chance to listen in to your favorite fox sports as well as Football and basketball games from North Carolina. This station broadcasts from 6 am to 10 pm at night.

Why Digital Radio Is Gradually Phasing Out Analog Radio

The digital revolution has not spared the airwaves and radio in particular. Though radio has lagged behind, a time is coming when we will have no option but throw away analog receivers for they will be obsolete. Such time has already arrived in Norway, where the government started shutting FM signals earlier this year, and other countries are expected to follow the suit soon.

There has been a remarkable growth in digital broadcasting to unprecedented levels. In the US for instance, of the US$ 7.7 billion the music industry made last year, 51% came from digital media (in particular from streaming). This year the revenue from streaming alone is expected to hit 4.8 billion marks.

In other markets of the Europe, sales in digital radio are growing at an average of 30%. This is a great threat to the analog radio which if not shut means it will be running at a loss as figures won’t be sustainable.

What you need to understand is that both digital radio and analog radio, each carries its own benefits and pitfalls. However, there are definite reasons why digital radio is gradually phasing out the analog radio.

Digitalization of Media - Perv Mom Example

Perv Mom
Perv Mom Series - only in Internet

We are living in ever-evolving world of digitalism. We should say that analog radios are one of the last things that we use daily and are still in the stone age. Remember VHS? Hell, it was a big thing a couple of years ago... Not many people even mention it right now. Take a look at Internet example - adult industry. Can you imagine series like Perv Mom (taboo fantasy seduction episodes of perverted step mothers) being released on VHS? These episodes are in full HD quality and Internet has grown to be the only way to distribute them. How could analog radio survive such big change in way we consume content?

Government Support

Government Help? Not Enough!

Most governments have thrown their weight behind the digital radio. As usual, the government does its homework well, especially keeping updated on market conditions and consumer behavior. This is to direct support equally to all relevant sectors with a special focus on the emerging markets. There have been many developments in the digital markets, and when radio started heading towards that direction, governments had to do something in support. Today, you’ll find a lot of government support for digital radio both financially and policy-wise. For instance, in Australia, the Federal government earlier this year gave a grant of $ 6.1 Million to the digital community radio. On the other hand, governments are reducing their support for analog radio.

Also, the government has a duty to support economic developments, which in turn benefit from growing revenues and hence, the fiscal income. Digital radio has a lot of potential for growth and that’s why it’s vital for any government to support this sector due to the mentioned reasons and more.

Superior Reception

Digital Is The Future

The signal transmitted through digital radio has benefits that rank it higher in terms of quality over the analog signal. For instance, the ability to eliminate noise is one such benefit. You are able to eliminate noise from the digital signal, something you can’t do on analog if noise slipped through during the transmission process. As a result, the signals get distorted over a long distance. However, digital signals can be modified while coding or decoding, hence enhancing the overall quality. On realizing this, many consumers will choose digital over analog, and that’s why digital radio is phasing out the analog radio.

Digital Brings More Information

More Information

Digital signal can carry more information per second than analog, so it can squeeze more programs. This has many benefits when it comes to revenue growth as minimal resources are used to achieve huge economic gains.

So, looking at the superiority of digital radio over analog radio leaves no option but to start preparing to assimilate fully into the world of digitalization. And for this and other reasons, the digital radio will continue phasing out the analog radio.

What is North Carolina Tuned To In 2017

Before the invention of television the only source of entertainment for the general audience was radio. After the emergence of television many believed that the impact of radio would be reduced and that eventually the radio would disappear from general use. However, time has proved that even today when the various modes of communications have advanced immensely that the impact of radio has not reduced at all.

The people of North Carolina are not an exception as a fair number of people in the region do regularly follow radio broadcasts. In this article we plan to share with you some of the popular radio stations of North Carolina. These radio stations have kept the radio industry alive in the region and have produced some of the best radio programs of all time.

Popular Radio Stations: What is North Carolina Tuned to?

The reputed radio stations of North Carolina are as follows:

Analog Radio.


WCQS is a popular Radio station in North Carolina that is owned by Western North Carolina Public Radio. The station started operating in the early 80’s and was purchased by the North Carolina Public Radio in the year 1984. The station has a serious following and is renowned for its entertainment and news-related shows.


WBT operates from Charlotte, North Carolina. The station covers the eastern half of North Carolina and is predominantly a 50,000 watt clear channel station.  The owner of the station is Greater Media. The station is renowned for its programs such as Charlotte's Morning News, John Hancock, The Dave Ramsey Show and The Rush Limbaugh Show.


This radio station operates from Kannapolis, North Carolina and is a renowned FM radio station. The owner of WRFX is iHeartMedia, Inc. The target audience of the station is the Charlotte Media Market. The studio of the station has been established at Woodridge Center Drive. The popular programs that are aired on WRFX are those of The Big Show, Melany Myers and Mr. Bill.

"The impact of radio has not reduced at all."


WRAL is basically a music-focused radio station that has its basis in Raleigh, North Carolina. The station is owned by the Capitol Broadcasting Company, which is a popular name in America. The shows on the station air through an antenna that is located on a 1800 foot tower situated at Garner. The popular programs of WRAL are Jim Kelly and Diane Ramsey.


WFAE is licensed to the University Radio Foundation and is more of a noncommercial public radio station. The station is renowned for its programs such as BBC Business Daily, Outlook (BBC) and Fresh Air (NPR). WFAE is a major source of information and news for the people of North Carolina. It has around 200,000 listeners, which confirms the fact that it is one of the most popular Radio stations currently operating in North Carolina.


The format of WPNC-FM is adult contemporary. The station operates from Plymouth, North Carolina. William B. Cox III is the owner of this station. The station has a mixed blend of different programs that range from entertainment to news. WPNC-FM has been operating since the 1980’s.


WDCG is rated among the top 40 stations that are currently operating in the region of Raleigh and Durham. The station is owned and managed by iHeartMedia, Inc. Apex serves as the transmission site of WDCG.  The shows on the station are aired on HD radio format. Popular shows include names like Randi West, Bob & the Showgram and Porkchop Jenkins.


The name of WNCW cannot be ignored as far as non-commercial radio stations are concerned. The station is licensed to Isothermal Community College and is home to a variety of music genres like bluegrass, news, indie, jazz and folk. The programs that are worth listening on WNCW include names like World Cafe (NPR) and Morning Edition (NPR).


If you want to know more about the radio stations operating in North Carolina then check out this Wikipedia article. You can also get all relevant information about the stations from this platform.

What Does the Local Population Have To Say About the Our Radio Stations

We all know the number of Radio Stations in operation in North Carolina. Some of these radio stations stand out from others and have a huge following among the masses. People give their reviews regarding these radio stations on one platform or another. These reviews help the stations determine where they are standing and what possible improvements they can make to offer improved content. In the headings below we have shared with you the reviews related to some of the most famous radio stations of North Carolina.

Popular Radio Stations of North Carolina

WKNC 88.1 FM

Some of the reviews related to WKNC 88.1 FM show that the awkward studio conversations that takes place between the DJs is well liked by everyone. Though the conversation is raw and unprofessional, it is however something that is much enjoyed by the masses eagerly listening on their radios. People also like the variety of shows that are aired on WKNC 88.1 FM. Some of these shows are: Local Lunch Shut the Punk Up and Hippie Hour. Local Lunch is one of the top shows that is enjoyed by a large segment of the people.

Mix 101.5 FM WRAL-FM

People generally have kind words about Mix 101.5 FM WRAL-FM as well. The shows featured by this radio station such as the John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John, Hall & Oates and Goo Goo Dolls are listened to by many. One insightful review revealed that Mix 101.5 FM WRAL-FM has an appropriate moniker and is an ideal station for people who want to enjoy the best of Adult contemporary music.

"People give their reviews regarding these radio stations on one platform or another."

WRDU 106.1 FM

Different people have different views about WRDU 106.1 FM. While some like it very much, others often have different perceptions about it all together. A review has also revealed to us the fact that previously WRDU 106.1 FM used to play classic rock material by artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd. Nowadays, the station hardly plays such kind of stuff. Which means that there are some people out there who are disappointed with WRDU 106.1 FM.

WKIX-FM 102.9 FM

The image of WKIX-FM 102.9 FM is very positive among the masses. Since it’s an exciting music station people have a habit of listening to it, whether they are working or driving their cars. All kinds of music are aired on the station, which means that the general level of dissatisfaction is lower as compared to other rival radio stations. WKIX-FM 102.9 FM generally has a positive word of mouth associated with it.


The above reviews or comments have been given by us based on the information gotten from the web. While we are not claiming that the mentioned reviews are 100% correct, they are however good enough to give you first-hand knowledge about what people generally think about the above mentioned stations. These are just the few major radio stations we chose for this article. To find more reviews like this kindly visit this one by Yelp.  Through online research you can find many more survey reports related to the subject as well.

The Popular Radio Jockeys of the People - Do You Recognize Their Voice?

The term Radio Jockey also refers to a radio presenter. The term is used for a person who has an on-air position in radio broadcasting. Some of the most well-known radio Jockeys of all time are Casey Kasem, Dick Clark and Mike Francesa. However, here we will limit our discussion to North Carolina. Which means that in this article we will try to learn about some of the best radio jockeys produced by North Carolina.

Maury O’Dell

Maury O’ Dell has been a popular Radio Jockey and is one of the best of all time. His programs gets aired from WPTF and is followed by many.  Maury O’Dell has always pinpointed consistency as the secret behind his success. Maury O’ Dell is still remembered by the masses for his humor, combined with premium information dissemination. Though he is no longer of this world, he is still fondly remembered for his fantastic shows.

Joe Wade Formicola

Joe Wade Formicola is associated with WKIX-AM. He is renowned for his humor and energy-packed shows. He is the kind of guy who seldom makes his audience bored. According to Formicola himself, the stars of his show are his listeners. He confides that he is heavily dependent on the calls they make to him for his continued success in the business.

Bob Inskeep

Bob Inskeep

Bob Inskeep has been the voice of WRAL since 1975. Though Bob is skillful and has the excellent ability to engage his audience he usually gives credit for most of his success to his team. He is indeed a strong believer in group effort. His team includes weathermen and newsmen. Bob basically targets the early risers. Which is perhaps why he starts his shows before 6 am. Bob reads a lot of newspapers daily in order to collect all interesting information therein order and shares these with his readers.

Pat Patterson

If there was one guy for whom other DJs used to gun for it must be Patterson. He has been the morning man of the 1970’s and was perhaps the most popular man in town. Though Patterson had an overall successful career he did witness some failures once he switched from WQDR to WKIX.  Patterson will always be remembered for his cynical humor.

John Van Pelt

John Van Pelt

John Van Pelt has been the morning man of the 1980’s. He used to get aired from G-105 and was particularly very popular among teenagers. He was also renowned for making birthday announcements every morning i:e from 6:50 a.m. to 7:20 a.m.

Bob Walton

Bob Walton used to operate from WQDR. He was known for his light humor and listening to him was an amazing experience. People always felt that they are sitting with Bob in his living room when his show was on air.


The above are some of the most amazing names when it comes to North Carolina Radio stations. People still remember these people and the amazing work they did back then. These individuals can be termed the pioneers of radio presentation in North Carolina. You can easily find some old shows of these presenters from the internet. Watching their old shows is certainly one of the best experiences anyone can have as they help bring back a lot of good memories. Which is why many people like to watch them as a delightful hobby.

The Most Popular Radio Stations - Path to Success

There are many reputed radio stations  that exist in North Carolina. Some of these radio stations have been catering the needs and wants of their respective audience for ages now. Through this short discourse we will be sharing with you the names of some of these stations and the reasons behind their success.

The Radio Stations worth Naming

Now let’s briefly discuss some of these reputed radio stations:


The Radio Stations Worth Naming.

WKNC-FM is a radio station that is run by North Carolina State University students. This radio station is noncommercial in nature and is broadcast from Raleigh, North Carolina. The radiated power of the station is 25,000 watts, which is considered effective in the opinion of technicians. The signal of the station covers most of the areas that fall under the jurisdiction of the Research Triangle.

One of the prime reasons why WKNC-FM is so popular among the masses is that the station broadcasts various specialty shows such as Geet Bazaar and Mystery Roach. Other shows that fall under this category are Americana, Western Swing and Punk rock.

WKNC-FM became further successful and popular among the masses when it started to produce a weekly public affairs show named Eye of the Angle. The show focuses primarily on the culture of Research Triangle and current affairs. Another show which has contributed immensely to the popularity of WKNC-FM is Pulse of the Pack. It is more of a sports show and is aired every Wednesday during the school year.

Path to Success.


This is more of an adult contemporary radio station that involves the Triangle variety, which of course has the ability of making you feel good. The station caters to more than 50,000 listeners per week. MIX 101.5 WRAL-FM can also be heard online. An app by the name of MIX smart phone is also available through which you can enjoy the entertaining shows of the station.

There are many shows that have been well received by the audience and subsequently contributed to the success of the station as well. However, one show which really stands out is The Gene and Julie Show. The show is very entertaining and revolves around the captivating story of a husband and wife. MIX 101.5 WRAL-FM has won various awards as well such as the Gold Medallion Award, Miracle in Media Award and National Association of Broadcasters Crystal Award.


WEND is licensed in Salisbury, North Carolina and is one of the most frequently listened-to radio station in the North Carolina region. The transmitter of the station lies in the China Grove. The station broadcasts more than 2 HD radio channels and is also accessible online through iHeartRadio. There are many programs which has contributed to the success of this fantastic radio station. The names of the more frequently listened to programs are: The Big Rig, The Woody & Wilcox Show, Rozak (106.5 The End) and Jack Daniel.


Owned by the University of North Carolina WUNC is a big name among the radio stations of North Carolina. It is also the member station for the area of Research Triangle and is predominantly a news-oriented station. However, some entertaining programs particularly at weekends are also broadcast. Some of the shows that have enabled WUNC succeed among the masses are The World Today, State of Things, The Strand (BBC) and Newshour (BBC).


North Carolina is home to some of the best radio stations in America. Each radio station here has something unique to offer, which means that as a consumer you have a lot of options to choose from. Though you may read some articles on the radio stations of North Carolina, you will get to better know what these stations have to offer once you regularly listen to them. Today, we live in times where radio broadcasts are accessible even on cell phones. Therefore, to listen to the radio you do not need to go through any pains or do much fiddling like before. If you want to search out the radio stations of North Carolina then try out Radio Locator.

The Debate For/Against Analog/Digital/Web Radios

Many wonderful Radio stations are today operating from the North Carolina region. Despite the fact that a majority of people find the programs transmitted from these stations entertaining, there are some circles where debates rage regarding which among the three popular modes of transmission i:e Analog, Digital and Web radios is the best. In this article we would not be taking sides. Rather, we will simply list the basic advantages possessed by all these three modes so that you can gain fair first-hand knowledge about the subject.


Analog Radio.

Analog Radio is still one of the most popular means of Program Broadcasting. The technology is widely utilized due to the fact that most of the equipment related to it is cheap and production of content relatively simple when compared to its counter parts.

Analog radio are broadcast by electrical signals of varying intensities. Since analog involves electrical charges, its transmissions can face issues with regards to storms or any unfavorable weather conditions. However, a complete breakdown is seldom witnessed and as a listener you will most likely get some part of the broadcasted information despite the interference.


According to many, analog radio signals are outdated. However, there are still many benefits associated with it. Some of its major advantages are as follows:

  • Analog radios have the ability to extend their signal range. And that is easily done by simply increasing the broadcasting power
  • The analog radio has the ability of replicating the perfect voice of the speaker. Perfect voice means that as a listener you can hear the speaker loud and clear despite the fact that there might be a lot of noise in the background.
Digital Radio.

Digital radio

Digital Radio actually refers to the utilization of digital technology for transmission in the radio spectrum. Digital transmission involves transfer of radio waves, which may include digital broadcasting as well. The word Digital radio is applied to all modern day radio equipment that utilizes digital electronics for the processing of radio signals (Analog).

There is no concept of continuous signal in digital equipment; the signals are in most cases sent as block segments. In case a digital signal faces any kind of interference it often means that an entire signal can be lost. The loss is caused by the compartmentalization of the data blocks.

Whenever the signal is robust it means that the sound will be crystal clear. However, there is a chance of complete loss if the signal is weak. Most digital radios fail as far as the relaying of quality sound is concerned. The system is additionally not equipped with the ability to differentiate between voice sound and background noise. However, if the environment is well controlled as is the case with modern day radio stations, superior sound quality can be achieved.


The advantages of Digital Radios are as follows:

  • These radios have the ability to transmit additional information which your radio can display
  • Some advanced digital radios can display images as well
  • These radios also allow the showing of weather information, presenter information and album cover art
  • You can  also record your favorite programs with some digital radios
  • The signals are much clearer when compared to the AM/FM.

Web Radios

Web Radios.

The web radios are also referred to as internet radios. It is basically an audio service which is transmitted through effective utilization of the internet.  The specific term for internet broadcasting is webcasting.  Web radios consist of streaming media, which means that as a listener you will be exposed to a stream of audio signals that is continuous in nature. The audio cannot be replayed or paused.


  • It is much easier to use than most of its counter parts. You can easily search out your favorite channel and enjoy it.
  • These radios are mostly free from advertisements and commercials. Thereby providing an uninterrupted means of entertainment for listeners.
  • It is feasible for radio stations as well, as through it a radio station can cater to a much larger audience.

To know more about radio types, check out this one by highland wireless.

What Kind of Shows Are Aired On Radios These Days?

Different radio stations have some something different to offer in North Carolina. Some radio shows are predominantly music-oriented, while others focus on News. Through this short article, we will educate you regarding the kind of shows that are being aired on the radio stations of North Carolina.


"News is something which we cannot live without nowadays."

News is something which we cannot live without nowadays. Most people need news so much that even while driving early in the morning towards their offices, they switch on the radio for up-o-date news. There are many news-focused radio stations currently operating in North Carolina. The names of a few of these are: WAAV, WATA, WBAG and WBT.


The second category in which radio stations in North Carolina fall is sports. Yes, people usually enjoy watching sports on the Television. However, there are still many out there who do not have access to television or are stuck out in the middle of nowhere. In such cases the only option they might have is to listen to the radio for news of all kinds. Regardless of their composition, the sports-focused radio stations of North Carolina are home to some of the most fantastic sports programs in the world for which people specially tune in to listen to. The radio stations on which you can enjoy premium sports-oriented programs are: WCBT, WCLY and WCMC-FM.

African American

North Carolina is a mixture of different ethnicities. Particularly, there are quite a fair number of African Americans residing there. These African Americans have their own unique likes and dislikes. To cater to the needs of this segment there is a radio station in operation in the region named WARR. All the programs on the station are based on the Afro-American culture.

Enjoy classical hits.

Classic Hits

Some people do not like contemporary entertainment shows of today. These people are rather fond of classics. There are a number of radio stations in North Carolina where you can enjoy classical hits. Some of these stations include the likes of WELS-FM, WERX-FM and WFJA.

Adult Contemporary

Some radio stations in North Carolina are dedicated solely towards the adult contemporary segment. There is a general fondness among the populace for such kinds of Music. Hence this is a special segment that cannot be ignored. If you want to enjoy adult contemporary music then you can tune to WBBB, WAYN and WAZZ.

Rhythmic contemporary

This is also known as Rhythmic Top 40. Technically, it refers to a mixture of upbeat rhythmic pop, upbeat R&B hits and Hip Hop.  The radio stations involved with programs revolving around rhythmic contemporary are: WDBP-LP, WDCC and WZFX.

A final world before the end!

These are some of the basic radio programs that are currently operating in North Carolina. Today, we have the internet at our disposal. Which means that listening to these radio channels is not difficult. You can even listen to these channels from your smartphones and computers. Know more about radio programs from Wikipedia.