Before the invention of television the only source of entertainment for the general audience was radio. After the emergence of television many believed that the impact of radio would be reduced and that eventually the radio would disappear from general use. However, time has proved that even today when the various modes of communications have advanced immensely that the impact of radio has not reduced at all.

The people of North Carolina are not an exception as a fair number of people in the region do regularly follow radio broadcasts. In this article we plan to share with you some of the popular radio stations of North Carolina. These radio stations have kept the radio industry alive in the region and have produced some of the best radio programs of all time.

Popular Radio Stations: What is North Carolina Tuned to?

The reputed radio stations of North Carolina are as follows:

Analog Radio.


WCQS is a popular Radio station in North Carolina that is owned by Western North Carolina Public Radio. The station started operating in the early 80’s and was purchased by the North Carolina Public Radio in the year 1984. The station has a serious following and is renowned for its entertainment and news-related shows.


WBT operates from Charlotte, North Carolina. The station covers the eastern half of North Carolina and is predominantly a 50,000 watt clear channel station.  The owner of the station is Greater Media. The station is renowned for its programs such as Charlotte’s Morning News, John Hancock, The Dave Ramsey Show and The Rush Limbaugh Show.


This radio station operates from Kannapolis, North Carolina and is a renowned FM radio station. The owner of WRFX is iHeartMedia, Inc. The target audience of the station is the Charlotte Media Market. The studio of the station has been established at Woodridge Center Drive. The popular programs that are aired on WRFX are those of The Big Show, Melany Myers and Mr. Bill.

“The impact of radio has not reduced at all.”


WRAL is basically a music-focused radio station that has its basis in Raleigh, North Carolina. The station is owned by the Capitol Broadcasting Company, which is a popular name in America. The shows on the station air through an antenna that is located on a 1800 foot tower situated at Garner. The popular programs of WRAL are Jim Kelly and Diane Ramsey.


WFAE is licensed to the University Radio Foundation and is more of a noncommercial public radio station. The station is renowned for its programs such as BBC Business Daily, Outlook (BBC) and Fresh Air (NPR). WFAE is a major source of information and news for the people of North Carolina. It has around 200,000 listeners, which confirms the fact that it is one of the most popular Radio stations currently operating in North Carolina.


The format of WPNC-FM is adult contemporary. The station operates from Plymouth, North Carolina. William B. Cox III is the owner of this station. The station has a mixed blend of different programs that range from entertainment to news. WPNC-FM has been operating since the 1980’s.


WDCG is rated among the top 40 stations that are currently operating in the region of Raleigh and Durham. The station is owned and managed by iHeartMedia, Inc. Apex serves as the transmission site of WDCG.  The shows on the station are aired on HD radio format. Popular shows include names like Randi West, Bob & the Showgram and Porkchop Jenkins.


The name of WNCW cannot be ignored as far as non-commercial radio stations are concerned. The station is licensed to Isothermal Community College and is home to a variety of music genres like bluegrass, news, indie, jazz and folk. The programs that are worth listening on WNCW include names like World Cafe (NPR) and Morning Edition (NPR).


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