Different radio stations have some something different to offer in North Carolina. Some radio shows are predominantly music-oriented, while others focus on News. Through this short article, we will educate you regarding the kind of shows that are being aired on the radio stations of North Carolina.


“News is something which we cannot live without nowadays.”

News is something which we cannot live without nowadays. Most people need news so much that even while driving early in the morning towards their offices, they switch on the radio for up-o-date news. There are many news-focused radio stations currently operating in North Carolina. The names of a few of these are: WAAV, WATA, WBAG and WBT.


The second category in which radio stations in North Carolina fall is sports. Yes, people usually enjoy watching sports on the Television. However, there are still many out there who do not have access to television or are stuck out in the middle of nowhere. In such cases the only option they might have is to listen to the radio for news of all kinds. Regardless of their composition, the sports-focused radio stations of North Carolina are home to some of the most fantastic sports programs in the world for which people specially tune in to listen to. The radio stations on which you can enjoy premium sports-oriented programs are: WCBT, WCLY and WCMC-FM.

African American

North Carolina is a mixture of different ethnicities. Particularly, there are quite a fair number of African Americans residing there. These African Americans have their own unique likes and dislikes. To cater to the needs of this segment there is a radio station in operation in the region named WARR. All the programs on the station are based on the Afro-American culture.

Enjoy classical hits.

Classic Hits

Some people do not like contemporary entertainment shows of today. These people are rather fond of classics. There are a number of radio stations in North Carolina where you can enjoy classical hits. Some of these stations include the likes of WELS-FM, WERX-FM and WFJA.

Adult Contemporary

Some radio stations in North Carolina are dedicated solely towards the adult contemporary segment. There is a general fondness among the populace for such kinds of Music. Hence this is a special segment that cannot be ignored. If you want to enjoy adult contemporary music then you can tune to WBBB, WAYN and WAZZ.

Rhythmic contemporary

This is also known as Rhythmic Top 40. Technically, it refers to a mixture of upbeat rhythmic pop, upbeat R&B hits and Hip Hop.  The radio stations involved with programs revolving around rhythmic contemporary are: WDBP-LP, WDCC and WZFX.

A final world before the end!

These are some of the basic radio programs that are currently operating in North Carolina. Today, we have the internet at our disposal. Which means that listening to these radio channels is not difficult. You can even listen to these channels from your smartphones and computers. Know more about radio programs from Wikipedia.