There are many reputed radio stations  that exist in North Carolina. Some of these radio stations have been catering the needs and wants of their respective audience for ages now. Through this short discourse we will be sharing with you the names of some of these stations and the reasons behind their success.

The Radio Stations worth Naming

Now let’s briefly discuss some of these reputed radio stations:


The Radio Stations Worth Naming.

WKNC-FM is a radio station that is run by North Carolina State University students. This radio station is noncommercial in nature and is broadcast from Raleigh, North Carolina. The radiated power of the station is 25,000 watts, which is considered effective in the opinion of technicians. The signal of the station covers most of the areas that fall under the jurisdiction of the Research Triangle.

One of the prime reasons why WKNC-FM is so popular among the masses is that the station broadcasts various specialty shows such as Geet Bazaar and Mystery Roach. Other shows that fall under this category are Americana, Western Swing and Punk rock.

WKNC-FM became further successful and popular among the masses when it started to produce a weekly public affairs show named Eye of the Angle. The show focuses primarily on the culture of Research Triangle and current affairs. Another show which has contributed immensely to the popularity of WKNC-FM is Pulse of the Pack. It is more of a sports show and is aired every Wednesday during the school year.

Path to Success.


This is more of an adult contemporary radio station that involves the Triangle variety, which of course has the ability of making you feel good. The station caters to more than 50,000 listeners per week. MIX 101.5 WRAL-FM can also be heard online. An app by the name of MIX smart phone is also available through which you can enjoy the entertaining shows of the station.

There are many shows that have been well received by the audience and subsequently contributed to the success of the station as well. However, one show which really stands out is The Gene and Julie Show. The show is very entertaining and revolves around the captivating story of a husband and wife. MIX 101.5 WRAL-FM has won various awards as well such as the Gold Medallion Award, Miracle in Media Award and National Association of Broadcasters Crystal Award.


WEND is licensed in Salisbury, North Carolina and is one of the most frequently listened-to radio station in the North Carolina region. The transmitter of the station lies in the China Grove. The station broadcasts more than 2 HD radio channels and is also accessible online through iHeartRadio. There are many programs which has contributed to the success of this fantastic radio station. The names of the more frequently listened to programs are: The Big Rig, The Woody & Wilcox Show, Rozak (106.5 The End) and Jack Daniel.


Owned by the University of North Carolina WUNC is a big name among the radio stations of North Carolina. It is also the member station for the area of Research Triangle and is predominantly a news-oriented station. However, some entertaining programs particularly at weekends are also broadcast. Some of the shows that have enabled WUNC succeed among the masses are The World Today, State of Things, The Strand (BBC) and Newshour (BBC).


North Carolina is home to some of the best radio stations in America. Each radio station here has something unique to offer, which means that as a consumer you have a lot of options to choose from. Though you may read some articles on the radio stations of North Carolina, you will get to better know what these stations have to offer once you regularly listen to them. Today, we live in times where radio broadcasts are accessible even on cell phones. Therefore, to listen to the radio you do not need to go through any pains or do much fiddling like before. If you want to search out the radio stations of North Carolina then try out Radio Locator.